Year of Courage

Year of Courage


A Year of Courage

2017, you will be remembered.

You started at the lowest,
lowest I’ve ever been.
Feeling like I was falling,
you scared me to my bones.

You’ve tested my faith and my beliefs.
Challenges piled up,
but Faith predominates
like a mountaintop.

Falling lifted my head up,
to see what matters most.
Learning to fix my eyes on things above,
and not on things below.

2017, you will be remembered.

You’ve filled me with courage. 
Courage to believe, trust and hope.
You’ve turned my mourning into dancing,
Immersed me with laughs, deep joy and much love.

You did all that,
to inscribe in my story.
What I learned to be
in my lowest and in my highest

Falling into His loving arms.
The One who caused me, 
to live and fight another day.
The One I will forever cherish.

The Prince who gave me peace.
Who saw me through,
every step of the way
Present in every minute.

2017, you were my year of courage.
And You, will always be remembered.

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