Second Wind

Second Wind


Passion, Stronger, New Beginnings.

The background of this piece represents the culmination of everything from the past–the highs, the lows, the good and the ugly. As they came closer to me, I felt a second wind, a force, a supernatural power that propelled me forward into God’s best for my life. Towards new strength, new passion, new expressions for new beginnings.

I painted this with so much passion, which is reflected in the colours I chose.

Do you want to know what goes on my mind when I paint? Here it is:

I started the painting with doubts and fears, not knowing exactly what picture to paint, or whether I’m able to finish the painting on time. But as I connect to God, reflect on what He’s trying to communicate, start to let go of all my fears, then colours starts to stand out.

Then you see more, hear more, and you start to seize the moment.

After a while, PRESSURE starts to show up and you’re back to doubting yourself again.

Afraid you won’t make it, frustration, disbelief, getting upset with the mistakes, all of it will try to steal the joy you have, telling you to quit.

But God, in His supernatural presence, moves you, sets you back in motion, now with a whole new sense of joy and  freedom, pushing you to continue as He reveals the entire image.

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