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Inspiring Love & Creativity


All it takes is a little inspiration and a little love to bring out the creativity in everyone.

My love for creativity is a reflection of God’s goodness and faithfulness over my life. Ever since I could remember, I was always one of those kids who would get easily excited about art classes. This excitement eventually led me to a profession in design. My years of working in design didn’t make me confess that I am creative. If you ask me, I didn’t even think of myself as creative. Why, you may ask? well, my rationale why I can do what I do is only because I studied design.

That thinking changed when I finally found my whole sense of being in relationship with Jesus. Awakened to the truth that God is creative and made me in His very own image, therefore I am creative. A revelation that continues to increase until now as He draws me closer to Him. An exciting journey into a relationship…. not into a religion.

Every time I create, I feel God’s pleasure. Every time I create, His Word becomes more real. Every time I create, I understand how He calls me to worship. Every time I create, He increases my wisdom, knowledge and revelation of who He is.

My name is Jenny and welcome to my creative journey!

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